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Why Manage Stormwater? Healthy rivers and lakes provide sources of drinking water, recreation, and aesthetic beauty. However, pollutants such as phosphorus, sediment, and hydrocarbons can degrade the water quality. Stormwater runoff carries pollutants.  Stormwater – rainwater or snowmelt – does not soak into developed surfaces, such as paved or compacted gravel roads, parking lots, or… Read more »

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view of Coral Bay

This week, the Watershed team is visiting partners, Coral Bay Community Council, on the beautiful island of St. John. We will start the process of watershed management planning to improve water quality in Coral Bay. Coral Bay is a beautiful place. The island’s natural resources entice visitors from around the globe and include scenic white… Read more »

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tile drain filters at edge of field

The project On a recent sunny non-rainy day, the Watershed team started field work on a new project. We installed a filter next to a ditch in an agricultural field. The filter looks a bit different than you might expect. It is two large (4 ft by 4 ft) plastic totes. These totes once held… Read more »

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Mock-up park restoration design with trees and trail

The second phase of the Shady Rill Picnic Area restoration has been awarded to Watershed. The site is a small park on the banks of Martins Brook in Middlesex, Vermont. The park is a popular space for picnics and recreation. However, parking at the site has caused the soil to become compacted while open access… Read more »

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Watershed will lead a team of scientists, engineers, and planners to work with the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources to evaluate the utility of public-private partnerships (P3s) to manage runoff from large impervious surfaces more effectively and cost efficiently. Many large impervious surfaces across the State were constructed long ago and do not have any… Read more »

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Watershed office

With our team quickly expanding, Watershed made the move to a bigger office space to accommodate existing and new staff as well as our growing collection of field equipment. We’re getting settled in to the new space and are enjoying the location within a short walk of Lake Champlain and Oakledge Park. Feel free to… Read more »

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WCA is partnering with the Association of Reef Keepers’, Ridge to Reef Programme to design stormwater management features for the new British Virgin Islands Humane Society facility on Tortola.

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Watershed, with partners Parker Rodriguez and Wagner Hodgson, has completed the long-term redesign plan for Whetstone Brook in Brattleboro.

Watershed Consulting Associates partnered with Parker Rodriguez and Wagner Hodgson to develop a long-term redesign plan for the lower reaches of Whetstone Brook, located in Brattleboro, VT. Plagued by significant and destructive flooding, our plan, detailed in the Design for Resilience in Brattleboro’s Whetstone Brook Corridor, provides design solutions to reduce flooding frequency and severity,… Read more »

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Watershed was selected out of hundreds of firms to present  at StormCon 2014 on their Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Retrofit Project for the City of Burlington. StormCon is the country’s largest stormwater pollution prevention conference, including over 160 sessions from the nation’s leading experts in stormwater. Watershed will be presenting their methods, project approach, and… Read more »

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Watershed Consulting Associates, with local partner Aldrich + Elliott will be working with MS4 partners within the Sunderland and Indian Brook watersheds to develop a 20-year Flow Restoration Plan (FRP).  The watersheds are urbanized, located within the Town and Village of Essex as well as some coverage in the Town of Colchester, and are classified… Read more »

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Watershed Consulting Associates with local partner Aldrich + Elliott have been selected to complete  the Rugg Brook Flow Restoration Plan(FRP) for the City and Town of St. Albans under a grant managed by the Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NRPC). Rugg  Brook is listed on the EPA impaired waters list, located primarily in the Town of… Read more »

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The State of Vermont has submitted a draft Phase I plan to the EPA for cleaning up nutrient pollution in Lake Champlain. Read the full proposal here:

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Green Stormwater Infrastructure

GSI is the next generation of stormwater management that utilizes the natural hydrologic cycle on developed lands.


Permitting has evolved to become much more complex and site specific and demands experienced attention and knowledge of tools and changing regulatory environment.

Training & Outreach

Sharing information with those who want and need it is a privileged role.

River Management

Rivers are the arteries of a landscape, from babbling headwater streams to raging white water in steep mountain valleys and lazy watercourses making their way through the plains.

Master Planning

Addressing problems of the past in coordination with visioning for the future

Water Quality Monitoring & Research

Water connects us to one another and to the natural world in ways that no other resource can.