About Watershed Consulting

Watershed Consulting Associates recognizes that to truly excel in the field of stormwater management, you have to specialize. Watershed Consulting was founded in 2005 by a team of hydrologists specifically skilled in modeling, designing, permitting, and implementing innovative stormwater management systems to protect and preserve natural surface water resources. We offer services in green stormwater infrastructure design, watershed master planning, water quality investigation, river corridor management, and all aspects of stormwater permitting. We offer stand-alone services to our clients, work in close association with a select group of design, engineering, and planning associate professionals on multi-faceted stormwater management design projects. With our experience, partnerships, and knowledge of local stormwater best management practices and regulations, we are well-positioned to take on a range of projects from small and straightforward to large, complex investigations throughout Vermont, New England, and beyond.

dallen-20160503-15Andres Torizzo, CPESC, CPSWQ, CISEC
Principal, Hydrologist
[email protected]

Andres is the Principal Hydrologist and co-owner of Watershed Consulting Associates, LLC. His particular interest is on green infrastructure modeling and design, watershed assessment, and stormwater retrofit design.

Andres has extensive experience with stormwater sampling, analysis, GIS mapping, modeling, and design projects using GIS-based systems. He is an excellent project manager, with the ability to manage multi-partner interdisciplinary project teams, while balancing the needs of clients and other stakeholders to complete effective high-quality deliverables. Andres is a registered Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC), Certified Professional in Stormwater Quality (CPSWQ), Certified Erosion, Sediment, and Stormwater Inspector (CESSWI), Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control (CISEC), and is recognized by the International Erosion Control Association as proficient in the field of Construction Site Stormwater Management.

He has been actively working on stormwater manangement, erosion control, and water quality improvement projects with Vermont non-profit organizations, municipalities, State entities, and private landowners since 2002. Andres earned his Undergraduate Degree in Geological Sciences from Tufts University in 1998, followed by the completion of his Master’s Degree in Hydrology from the University of Colorado in 2002.

Andres is actively involved with the Vermont community as a Board member of Friends of the Mad River and the local chapter contact for the Center for Watershed Protection Association. He also serves as a steering committee member for the Vermont Green Infrastructure Roundtable.

In his free time, Andres enjoys skiing, biking, boating, and rock-climbing with his family.

Ms. Margaret Torizzo
Principal, Hydrologist

Margaret is co-owner of Watershed Consulting Associates, LLC. Margaret has wide-ranging experience in stormwater system treatment design, erosion and sediment control design, floodplain management, hydrologic, hydraulic, and pollutant load modeling studies.

Margaret earned her B.A., graduating Manga Cum Laude, from the University of Colorado. She also earned her M.A. from the University of Colorado specializing in Fluvial Geomorphology, Hydrology, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Margaret previously worked for the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Geological Survey where she conducted field-based studies to model the transport and deposition of sediment for natural resource protection. Margaret has extensive knowledge of the State of Vermont, Stormwater Management Program where she previously worked performing technical reviews of stormwater permit applications, providing technical stormwater treatment design assistance, preforming jurisdictional determinations for stormwater permits, and developing and implementing the Multi Sector General Permit (MSGP) program for regulating stormwater runoff from industrial sites. Ms. Torizzo also worked for the State of Vermont, River Management Program as the State Floodplain Coordinator where she was responsible for the statewide coordination, scientific review, analysis of policies, and development of program activities for fluvial hazard risk assessment, flood hazard mitigation, and riparian corridor protection projects.

Margaret has served the Vermont community though her positions on the Town of Fayston Planning Commission, Town of Fayston Development Review Board, Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission, and the Vermont Council for Gifted Education. She also served on the Champlain Elementary School PTO and volunteers with the Four Winds Nature Institute program at Edmunds Elementary School.

In her spare time, Margaret enjoys adventuring in the outdoors with her family.

Becky Tharp, PhD
Water Quality Program Manager
[email protected]

Becky joined Watershed Consulting Associates in 2017 after serving as the Manager for the VT Green Infrastructure Collaborative – a partnership between the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation and the Lake Champlain Sea Grant Program at the University of Vermont dedicated to using sound science to develop and implement a statewide green infrastructure plan to manage stormwater runoff from developed lands. She holds PhD and MS degrees from the University of Vermont’s Plant and Soil Science Department and Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources as well as a BA from Harvard University.

Becky specializes in field monitoring and performance evaluation of stormwater controls – with a particular focus on wet extended detention basins, bioretention, and gravel wetlands. Her doctoral studies focused on the influence of design and ecology in detention pond phosphorus retention performance and the use of floating treatment wetlands in cold climate stormwater applications.

Mostly, Becky is passionate about water and loves thinking of creative solutions to maximize water quality outcomes for the communities who rely on them. When she’s not wading around in stormwater ponds, she can be found riding her bike on dirt trails, sailing on Lake Champlain, or laughing hysterically with her family.

dallen-20160503-11Dana Allen
Water Quality Project Manager
[email protected]

Dana was born and bred on the coast of Maine and moved to Vermont in 2001 to attend Middlebury College where he earned a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies, focusing in GIS and cartography. After graduating, he worked with Middlebury’s GIS lab as a teaching assistant and later became an independent GIS consultant, working with a variety of public and private clients. After living in Colorado for four years, he returned to Vermont in 2011 to conduct his Master of Science research at UVM in Water Quality and Bioretention System Monitoring at the College of Agriculture and Life Science’s Plant and Soil Science Department.

Dana is currently a Water Quality Specialist for Watershed Consulting Associates, a position he has held since 2013. In his role with Watershed Consulting, Dana works with State and local governmental officials, non-profit organizations, and private industries on operational stormwater management design and permitting, bioretention system design and management, and water quality sampling and analysis, particularly in illicit discharge detection and elimination.

Dana’s specialties include the sampling and analysis of water from both point and non-point sources for nutrient pollution assessment and management, Geographic Information Systems database creation, analysis, and management for water quality and hydrologic modeling, pollutant modeling, Low-Impact Development design and water quality sampling, and stormwater permit preparation.

Dana is actively engaged in Vermont’s Green Infrastructure Roundtable, and is a Board Member of the Waterbury Area Trails Alliance, promoting sustainable, active recreation in Waterbury, where he lives with his wife, Louise, and a garage full of skis and bikes.

dallen-20160503-3Kerrie Garvey, GISP
GIS Manager
[email protected]

Kerrie has been the GIS Specialist at Watershed Consulting Associates since 2014. She holds a Master of Science in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies with a minor in Biology from Colby-Sawyer College.

Kerrie has focused on utilizing GIS technology to study real world water quality issues including quantifying stream erosion, mapping channel migration, and assessing connectivity of impervious surfaces. She has extensive experience working with ArcGIS software, developing models and managing large datasets. Kerrie worked as a digital mapping specialist for a commercial GPS company following undergraduate graduation. Upon entering graduate school, she worked as a Research Assistant focusing on mapping stream channel migration and assessing impact to water quality.  After earning her master’s degree, she was employed at the University of Vermont as a Research Specialist where her work revolved around understanding how road-stream connectivity impacts water quality and mapping and assessing hydrologically connected impervious surfaces.

In additional to her computer-based skills, Kerrie also has experience with fluvial geomorphology, soil and stormwater sampling, and GPS mapping.

When she’s not thinking about mapping, you can find Kerrie riding her horse, hiking, or just enjoying life.

Kateri Bisceglio
Water Quality Specialist
[email protected]

Kateri fell in love with the culture and landscape of Vermont at an early age. Raised in Waterbury Center, she attended college locally at Johnson State College (JSC) in Lamoille County. In this rural setting, Kateri earned a B.S. in Environmental Science concentrating in water quality analysis and assessment, and a minor in Wellness and Alternative Medicine. She graduated with honors in December 2015.

During her studies, Kateri spent two seasons as a Research Intern in the VT EPSCoR Research on Adaptations to Climate Change program, now the Basin Resilience to Extreme Events program. She also spent a year and a half as the lead Field Technician in the Streams and Environmental Toxicology Lab, and Research Assistant to a biology professor at JSC.

Kateri’s role as a Water Quality Specialist with Watershed Consulting Associates (WCA) began in the spring of 2016, and she has since been involved in various aspects of local stormwater master planning projects. She also assists with large dataset management and analysis, ArcGIS mapping, hydrologic and pollutant modeling, illicit discharge studies, regional stormwater permitting application processes, and a variety of field work including test pits, and water sampling and analysis.

Off the clock, Kateri enjoys running by the Winooski River, playing frisbee golf, and chasing her two cats around her apartment.

Sean Brennan
Water Quality Engineer
[email protected]

Originally from the beautiful state of New Jersey, Sean first moved to Vermont in 2011 to complete a 5-year, dual-degree, Environmental Engineering program created by Saint Michael’s College and the University of Vermont.

During this time, Sean focused his studies on water quality processes and hydrology. Outside of the classroom he spent two seasons as a intern for Vermont EPSCoR, completing research on streambank stability modeling in the Mad River Valley. Having a great interest in sustainable development, he also dedicated much of his time to working with and leading UVM’s chapter of Engineers without Borders.

After taking some time off to travel, Sean returned to Vermont to work for Watershed Consulting Associates in June of 2017. His role at WCA involves several aspects of stormwater mapping and design, including geographic data management, and permitting associated with operational and construction stormwater management.

During his free time Sean enjoys live music, snowboarding, traveling, and the great outdoors.

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