Watershed Consulting Associates is focused on stormwater. We know the field, we know the regulations, and we know the best practices for even the most difficult of situations. From a small rain garden, to managing a municipality’s stormwater system, to handling permitting for state-wide industrial sites, we’ve done it.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Green Stormwater Infrastructure, or GSI, is the next generation of stormwater management. Traditional stormwater management focuses on collecting stormwater via catch basins and piping it directly to the nearest natural water body. This can be expensive due to the construction of extensive piping systems, as well as the maintenance involved, not to mention the potential for detrimental environmental impacts to the water body’s ecosystem.

Watershed Master Planning

Watershed Consulting can help take the complexity out of the Watershed Master Planning process because we know water. Determining how best to return a watershed’s hydrologic function to pre-development conditions can be a daunting task.

Water Quality Investigation

Municipalities are responsible for maintaining massive amounts of sewer infrastructure, but like any plumbing, these system can spring leaks. These seemingly tiny holes in an otherwise intact system can contribute significant amounts of pollution to natural surface waters as the leaking sewer system water makes its way into storm sewer pipes or culvert outlets discharging… Read more »

River Management

Flooding has long been a concern in Vermont, but it was especially brought into the public eye in August of 2011 when Tropical Storm Irene hit the state, dumping record rainfalls over a short period of time. Since then State managers and municipal officials have been adopting strategies to prevent and cope with the next… Read more »


At the core of good stormwater management is making sure that any stormwater retrofit, whether proposed or existing, is in compliance with local, regional, and state-wide permit structures. For those unfamiliar with the process, permitting for stormwater-related projects and erosion control can be daunting.

Our Focus - Keeping Water Clean

GIS Mapping and Analysis Services

Watershed Consulting Associates is pleased to offer mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) services to meet the individualized demands of each project.