Nature Based Solutions

Protecting and restoring water quality

Environmental integrity is at the core of what we do. We apply tested protocols and cutting edge technology to identify and define water quality impacts and their sources. Our solutions mimic natural systems and always seek to exceed regulatory requirements – providing our clients with data-driven outcomes that meet multiple goals.

Our Services

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

GSI is the next generation of stormwater management that utilizes the natural hydrologic cycle on developed lands.


Permitting has evolved to become much more complex and site specific and demands experienced attention and knowledge of tools and changing regulatory environment.

Training & Outreach

Sharing information with those who want and need it is a privileged role.

River Management

Rivers are the arteries of a landscape, from babbling headwater streams to raging white water in steep mountain valleys and lazy watercourses making their way through the plains.

Master Planning

Addressing problems of the past in coordination with visioning for the future

Water Quality Monitoring & Research

Water connects us to one another and to the natural world in ways that no other resource can.

Our Clients