Watershed Consulting Associates partnered with Parker Rodriguez and Wagner Hodgson to develop a long-term redesign plan for the lower reaches of Whetstone Brook, located in Brattleboro, VT. Plagued by significant and destructive flooding, our plan, detailed in the Design for Resilience in Brattleboro’s Whetstone Brook Corridor, provides design solutions to reduce flooding frequency and severity, and lessen or prevent damage when flooding does occur. This includes many green stormwater infrastructure features, restored access to the historic floodplain in multiple locations, and a focus on green design for all future development in the area. The result of the study was a plan that encompasses a toolkit of green strategies to reduce the impacts of future floods while preserving and improving the cultural resources of the village of Brattleboro.

Design for Resilience in Brattleboro’s Lower Whetstone Brook Corridor