Project At A Glance:
When a new development is built, new impervious surfaces will inevitably be added to the landscape. New impervious surfaces don’t have to mean more stormwater runoff. Watershed, with the local developer- Gabe Handy’s, support took advantage of advances in porous pavement technology to create a stormwater-friendly parking lot for the new apartment building.

Client: Handy Suites

Partners: Chenette Associates

Location: Essex Junction, VT

In partnership with Chenette Associates, Watershed designed an 18,000 sqft porous asphalt parking lot for a thirty-unit residential apartment building and two triplex condominiums on Lincoln Street in Essex Junction. The local developer of the site, Gabe Handy, needed to mitigate stormwater runoff from his new development and was interested in trying an innovative LID solution, rather than a typical end of pipe method. The design was based on the University of New Hampshire (UNHSC) Design Specifications for Porous Asphalt Pavement. The top asphalt layer is porous  which allows water to flow through the pavement surface and into the subbase while also providing a durable and smooth surface for parking and plowing. The design involved a graded subbase made up of layers of open aggregate gravel with lateral check dams and an underdrain system to pipe infiltrated runoff to a catch basin and piping network. The system also effectively filters and treats runoff by trapping pollutants in the subbase. Porous asphalt is an innovative LID solution that Watershed recommends for effective stormwater mitigation and protection of downstream waterways.