Guidance for Municipal Officials in New York’s Lake Champlain Basin

When the Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP) wanted to create a simple, easy-to-use guidance document for municipal officials in Lake Champlain’s New York watershed, they chose Watershed Consulting, in partnership with Hirschman Water and Environment, to create the document, as well as animate a series of training sessions. The guidance document, titled ‘Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management: Guidance for Municipal Officials in New York’s Lake Champlain Basin’ will serve to promote green infrastructure practices in New York.

New York’s portion of the Lake Champlain watershed is less developed than Vermont’s, but its communities are working hard to more effectively manage their stormwater runoff. LCBP wanted to create a document specifically for municipal officials so that they could more easily identify opportunities to manage stormwater during municipal maintenance activities.

  • Watershed created an intuitive, illustrated guide, complete with Basin-specific case studies, that outlines numerous different scenarios and practices that will help official progress stormwater management in New York.
  • Watershed Consulting also planned and delivered, with help from Hirschman Water and Environment, a series of webinars on practices for Buildings, Parking Lots, Rural Roads, and Village Streets, as well webinars on Operation and Maintenance and an Introduction which included elements of program development and financing in New York for green infrastructure. All of these webinar are recorded and can be viewed at any time.