Project At A Glance:
Watershed helped design and implement a stormwater retrofit plan including a hydrodynamic swirl separation, stream stabilization and restoration, and ecological landscape design.

Client: City of Burlington, VT

Partners: Lakeside Environmental Group

Location: Burlington, VT

Watershed, as a subcontractor to Lakeside Environmental Group, was retained by the City of Burlington to prepare a stormwater retrofit, stream stabilization, and ecological landscape design for a stormwater outfall at Blanchard Beach, adjacent to Oakledge Park. The project also involved mapping and modeling drainage/water quality in the contributing Watershed, and identifying opportunities for additional LID projects. The final design system consisted of a proprietary hydrodynamic separation device, an off-line water quality treatment micro-pool facility, a fortified stream channel, vegetation of a degraded wetland area, and General Permit application though the Army Corps of Engineers.