Bennington, VT- 2014-2015
Contact: Jim Pease, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation; P: (802) 490-6116

Bennington Stormwater Infrastructure MappingWCA was awarded a contract through the VT Department of Environmental Conservation (VT DEC) Ecosystem Restoration Program to conduct field-based mapping of Bennington’s stormsewer infrastructure. WCA mapped and verified all areas of Bennington, Old Bennington, North Bennington, and Bennington College. Work included the field location and verification of infrastructure using a Trimble mapping-grade GPS, the georeferencing of stormwater and sanitary sewer plans for verification of field-collected data, and close collaboration with Town of Bennington officials to verify infrastructure using local knowledge and water- and dye-testing where necessary. In addition to field-collected data, flow direction lines were created utilizing geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS Desktop for the entirety of the study area. A geodatabase with nearly 11,000 point, line, and polygon features was delivered at the conclusion of this project. Extensive GIS data management was required to make this project run smoothly. This represents the most comprehensive dataset for this infrastructure currently available.