Emily Porter Goff

Emily Porter-Goff

Ph.D. / Water Quality Program Manager

Emily joined Watershed Consulting with a background in aquatic research and non-profit project management. Emily earned her Ph.D. in Biology and Stream Ecology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Xenopoulos lab at Trent University, and earned her B.S in Environmental Biology from Russel Sage College. Emily has studied the effects of road salt and other stressors associated with developments on aquatic ecosystems, performed analytical analysis of nutrient enrichment and abatement performance assessment, designed public outreach and educational programming about algae in Vermont lakes and streams, as well as designed and managed numerous stream water quality monitoring programs throughout Vermont. Her diverse background contributes the skills of designing and implementing scientifically sound research studies as well as experience partnering with local non-profits, government agencies, and academia.

 At Watershed Consulting, Emily focuses on water quality monitoring and research investigations, algal studies, and agricultural water quality improvement projects.