Project At A Glance:
Pike Industries is one of the largest sand, gravel, and asphalt producers in New England. Their daily operations include stormwater management and runoff control under the Multi-Sector General Permit which Watershed manages for Pike Industries for their Vermont facilities.

Client: Pike Industries

Location: Vermont (statewide)

Sand, gravel and asphalt mining and production operations are in the business of mining – not necessarily in the business of managing stormwater runoff and controlling erosion.

Under the guidelines of the Vermont Multi-Sector General Permit, most industrial activities are required to have a stormwater runoff management and erosion control plan in place. Watershed, with years of experience in managing stormwater in urban, suburban, rural, residential, municipal, and industrial settings, was Pike Industries’ choice to manage their permitting and monitoring needs.

Watershed worked closely with Pike to establish low-cost, easy-to-maintain stormwater management solutions that meet regulatory standards while allowing Pike’s efficient daily operations. Watershed also ensures that permit documents are in place, that water quality monitoring and analysis is completed, and that inspection and reporting is filed in a timely manner.